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Lokos sends you factual stories about your surroundings as you walk around New York City.
Have access to descriptions, images and links with everything you want to know about a place as you encounter it for the first time.
With over 20 categories to select from, there is a wide variety of content— from the arts to the sciences, from entertainment to current affairs— at your disposal.




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The Concept

Millennials were not born with smartphones. Many tend to group every generation born after the personal computer into a single, digitally educated, bracket. All the while, personal technology has evolved to a new level. We have inadvertently transitioned to a form of life where our ability to communicate and transact through a single handheld device has turned the latter into our ultimate interface to knowledge. Easy access to information is not the end of the story. Information is overwhelms us and is not always relevant to our needs. The challenge now is to increase the quality and reduce the amount of information we are exposed to through an automated process.
There exists well-documented knowledge about all our surroundings and also the digital means and resources to bundle it together. With the recent development of intelligent systems it is also possible today to automate the processes of learning and data classification. Lokos is the first step towards the development of an intelligent system with access to numerous location-based databases and capable of learning about a person’s character, habits, and preferences. The goal, is to develop a personal digital assistant that is able to provide knowledge that is relevant to the context and the needs of a user at any moment.


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